In today’s aggressive world of hip hop, there many challenges and many opportunities. And for every challenge and opportunity, there are three times the number of aspiring, talented rappers, singers, dancers, etc. The City of New Orleans is no exception. Being a hip hop artist from New Orleans definitely has its challenges. , competition, aggression and depression in NOLA’s hip hop scene has reached an all time high, so it definitely takes a special kind of artist to stand out among many. JIMI CLEVER, Born and raised in up-town New Orleans, knows this very well. Being raised by a single mother in a biracial family (young Jimi being the 2nd youngest of 5 siblings ) had many different effects on his life. Although his mother faced many challenges, as a white mother with 3 black children and 2 white children, she was still able to raise Jimi the right way. So as you can imagine, Jimi Clever is not the average hip hop artist with similar stories. “My Mom actually Named me after Jimi Hendrix” says Jimi Clever. “I think it’s cool how she loved music that much, she named me after her favorite musician, little did she know. I would become an artist!!” In present day, Jimi is now a proud father of 2 children, and a hard working dynamic artist. Jimi Clever has always been a step ahead of the average. The level of professionalism he presents through his cutting edge rhymes and crystal clear flow pushes him so far ahead of the competition, he leaves his audience awestruck. Standing at only 5ft 4 with a slim frame, it is quite an experience to witness so much power and creative energy come from such a small individual. With such a unique style and so many “ star “ qualities, it’s hard to refuse Jimi Clever once you see him perform live or hear his voice on a record. Double that with his mostly positive, honest, conscious subject matter and his very little to no usage of vaulger language, he is a major labels dream come true. With many years behind him as an artist,  Jimi Clever has become one of the most strongly respected and saught after lyricists from New Orleans, was recently nominated for LYRICIST OF THE YEAR at the NOLA HIP HOP AWARDS, and has all the makings of a star. Jimi has also become one of the most popular BARTENDER / MIXOLOGISTS in New Orleans, and is known for his visually elegant and tasty cocktails. He even shares his recipes on LIVE TV on local news stations such as FOX 8. Between his cocktails and music, which he records and duplicates on his own at his home studio, Jimi Clever is shaping into a multi-layered TALENT JUGGERNAUT with his own growing empire full of innovative ideas and BRANDING POWER. With all these gifts trapped in one human being, its easy to see why JIMI CLEVER can potentially be the next big thing to come out of the city of New Orleans.